Aeschynanthus marmoratus | Zebra Basket Vine Plant

Aeschynanthus marmorartus syn. Aeschynanthus longicaulis


Family: Gesneriaceae


Aeschynanathus marmoratus is a mound forming, trailing epiphyte native to South East Asia. The perfect house plant for hanging pots and baskets it is very easy to care for as long as the soil is not saturated

Dark green, glossy leaves with lighter, stripey variegation that almost glows has gained this plant its common name, the Zebra Basket Vine. The underside of the leaves have a deep purple-red colouring and give this plant a unique appearance. Long, tubular flowers with yellow – orange tips go to green with a red centre.




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Grows up to 30cm, vines will continue to grow longer.
Appreciates good humidty and a slightly moist soil that should be allowed to dry between watering.
Bright, indirect light. Will tolerate some direct sun and also low light. A brighter spot will encourage flowering.
Prefers a soil that is quite free draining.

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