Sphagnum Moss

Sphagnum cristatum | Long Fibre Sphagnum Moss


Sphagnum moss is perfect for propagating and growing plants including carnivorous plants, aroids, orchids and other tropical plants and for use in terrariums and vivariums.

Safe for use with reptiles and amphibians.

Sustainably sourced, long fibre, high quality sphagnum moss that holds up to twenty times its own weight in water.

Our sphagnum moss comes ready to use in a reuseable, resealable grip seal bag. We hydrate our sphagnum moss with UV filtered Cornish spring water so you can be assured there are no contaminants from tap water.

As this sphagnum moss has previously been dried out it is no longer a ‘living’ moss so is not likely to regrow. However when a substantial amount is used, after a long some time you may find some areas will begin to regrow.

This is very good quality sphagnum moss, far superior for growing than the kind you find at the garden centre for hanging baskets.



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⚫ Rooting cuttings
⚫ Absorbs and retains moisture
⚫ Soil amendment
⚫ Increases humidity
⚫ Carnivorous plants
⚫ Promotes rooting
⚫ Orchids
⚫ Anti-bacterial
⚫ Aroids
⚫ Anti-fungal
⚫ Kokodama
⚫ Keeps plants healthy
⚫ Mounting plants
⚫ Renewable resource
⚫ Hanging baskets
⚫ Reptile substrate

We aim to dispatch all orders within 1-3 days of receiving payment.

Plants are dispatched Monday – Thursday to avoid any weekend delays.

All product photos are taken by us of our own stock. Photos give an accurate representation of what you will receive however all plants are unique and differences may occur in colour, size etc.

All plants are sent in plastic nursery pots unless otherwise stated.


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